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Yingbo machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd., is a professional manufacturer of processing machinery estblished in 2002.The main products included Fish & meat processing machine、surimi processing machine、cooking machine(boiling、frying、steam)、Fruit and vegetable processing machine etc. Through the process of achieving our business objectives across borders.We aim to be a leading supplier of food processing machinery and services by focusing on multi-regional market needs. Yingbo devote itself to the development an innovative design of food processing machinery, have large capital support,outstanding manager team and positive workforce.Mainly exported to Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, etc.
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Automatic surimi fine filter Stainless steel fish refiner

After the fish is dehydrated, it is used to remove impurities in the fish

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Screw dehydrator Stainless steel screw dehydrator

Stainless steel screw dehydrator is used to separate fish and water.

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Water boiler machine Stainless steel continuous water boiler machine

Water boiler machine uses sealed space for heating to improve production capacity. Customizable size,automatic control system high productivity and convenient cleaning.

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Multi layer food continuous steam tunnel Multi-layer food steam tunnel

Our Multi layer food continuous steam tunnelis a fully automatic control system, easy to operate, high productivity and easy to clean.

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Long distance transfer pump Stainless steel automation transfer pump

Mainly tofeeding to several forming machine, long distance transportation.

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Fish deboning separator machine Automatic fish deboning separator machine

Automatic fish deboning separator machine can quickly separate fish bones

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Yingbo in Changsha, Participate China Food & Catering Expo.
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    Food is the top priority for the people, and the food industry plays an important role in the national economy. With the improvement of people's material living standard, the variety of traditional an...

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